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Sclerotherapy after Care

  • Soon after the treatment you should walk for at least 30 minutes. Walking reduces the pressure in the superficial veins and keeps the risk of Thrombophlebitis and deep vein thrombosis to an absolute minimum.
  • You may experience slight aching/pain in the legs in the first few days after treatment. If this occurs take two Paracetamol tablets three times daily. Do not specifically rest, but continue walking as usual, leg elevation is advisable for an hour per day for 3 days post procedure. If you have any severe continuous pain or swelling of the leg, please contact Adele Brindley at Eternal Youth Nurse Led Aesthetics Clinic.


  • Leave your compression stockings on during waking hours for one week. It is not necessary to wear stockings to bed except for the first night following your procedure.

Common side Effects

Bruises at the injection site will disappear within a few week. Blood trapped in a sclerosed vein can appear quite dark. This often makes the veins more noticeable in the first few weeks following treatment.

Raised Red areas occur at the injection sites of small spider veins. They look like insect bites and disappear within hours. They are sometimes mildly itchy.

Aching in the leg can occur during the treatment and for the first day or two following treatment. It is more common following the treatment of larger varicose veins and is usually relieved by walking. Paracetamol tablets may be taken if necessary.

Blood trapping can form tender lumps along the course of treated varicose veins. It is harmless but may be tender, red and angry. Blood can be drained from these lumps by a needle prick. This may 1-8 weeks after the procedure and will hasten the resolution of any tenderness and help prevent any pigmentation of the skin.

Brown lines or marks on the skin at the sites of treated veins: When blood breaks down it can leave iron behind in the skin, more common in patients who have navy-blue spider veins treated. Generally they will disappear within months, occasionally longer. In a small percentage of patients they can persist for years.

If you have questions please contact Adele Brindley, RGN, advanced aesthetics practitioner, at Eternal Youth Nurse Led Aesthetics Clinic on 01924 409550 or email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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